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Powerful charting with mobile convenience

Manage care, document visits, and coordinate with teams in real-time using the Contrast Mobile App, which gives you AI charting technology directly within your smartphone.

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You’re In Control

Reduce unwanted down time with ease

Where, when, and how you work should be in your control. That's why we've engineered the Contrast Mobile App, which securely transforms your smartphone into a powerful extension of the Contrast AI Platform or AI Scribe Lite applications.

Microphone mode

The Contrast Mobile App allows your phone’s microphone to sync with your desktop application in real-time, freeing you to practice with flexibility.

Charting on the go

All the features of the desktop Contrast AI Platform are refined for your mobile device, providing comprehensive care tools in the palm of your hand.

Speak Naturally

Real-time connection with your desktop

Everything you do in the Contrast Mobile App automatically syncs across your devices in real-time. It's intuitive and incredibly efficient for your charting needs.

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Embrace Flexibility

Mobile as a full feature charting tool

Our mobile app doesn't just deliver information; it's your portal to action – review records, document encounters, send orders, respond to inbox messages, and more, all from your mobile device.

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Stay Notified

Mobile notifications keep you up to date

Mobile notifications ensure you're always informed, never inundated. Manage your inbox with ease and get alerts that matter without the noise.

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