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Point of care clinical evidence support

From risk scores to dosage calculators, we provide you with clear, easy-to-utilize evidence based medicine tools that give you confidence in every decision.

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Effortless Evidence

Reduce app switching and manual data entry

AI Calculate minimizes the need for multiple applications, directly embedding evidence-based clinical calculators and support tools within the Contrast AI Platform at the point of care.

Embedded evidence

Efficiency meets accuracy with our application’s data mapping capabilities that streamline your workflow, reduce the potential for error, and enhance your patient care.

Trusted by providers

Utilize clinical evidence calculators for accurate and efficient patient care. Our library of calculators is peer-reviewed and constantly updated, ensuring you have the most valuable information.

Minimize Manual Work

Auto-populate data into calculations

By integrating advanced clinical calculators directly into the Contrast AI Platform, we remove the need for time-consuming, redundant data entry. Patient information is automatically populated into the relevant fields of each calculator, allowing for swift, accurate assessments and treatment plans tailored to individual patient needs.

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Empower Clinical Decisions

Clinical guidelines empower quality care

AI Calculate streamlines your access to the latest clinical guidelines that can benefit your patients. Our clinical calculators are reviewed and updated in accordance with new research and recommendations, providing you with reliable and actionable insights.

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Valuable For All

Evidence ensures maximum reimbursement

By aligning patient documentation with established clinical guidelines, you can ensure that your care is high quality and financially optimized for reimbursement potential.

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