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AI Scribe

Automatic documentation for any patient encounter

Embraced by industry leaders, our AI Scribe reduces documentation effort, enhances data accuracy, and supports high quality patient care.

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Prioritize Care

Reduce documentation time by 2 hours each day

Our AI Scribe listens, understands, and converts your natural patient conversations into structured clinical notes in real time. Documentation should be a byproduct of high quality patient care, not an additional task.

AI Scribe Lite

No EHR integration

Start automating your documentation process within the next 5 minutes. Sign up, record your visits, and copy-paste your AI Scribe notes into your EHR.

Platform AI Scribe

With EHR integration

Within the Contrast AI Platform, AI Scribe becomes even more powerful. Auto-generated notes now pull in patient chart information, and tasks such as placing orders can be automated with your voice.

Personalize Documentation

Create customizable templates

Our customizable templates ensure that every document is structured to your preferences while maintaining the highest standards of medical record-keeping.

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Trust In Evidence

Transcript to note evidence linking

Contrast links content within your AI Scribe note to the relevant dialogue from your patient conversation. This evidence mapping ensures a comprehensive and well-supported documentation process.

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Optimize Performance

Automatic speech recognition improvement

As you use the Contrast AI Scribe, it learns and evolves to match your documentation style. Our advanced machine learning algorithms analyze your edits to deliver increasingly accurate clinical notes over time.

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HIPAA Compliant

Contrast does not train AI on your patient’s data

Experience cutting edge AI technology while protecting patient confidentiality. Our technology is designed to ensure privacy and adherence to strict HIPAA standards.

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