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Auto-draft inbox responses

The Contrast AI Inbox offers effortless efficiency, empathy, and context-aware inbox responses. Auto-generated drafts are always ready for your review.

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Improve Communication

Reduce the burden of responding to messages

Whether you're responding to fellow clinicians or providing updates to patients, our AI crafts replies that resonate with your stylistic preferences and clinical context. Your communication will always be on point and personal.

Effortless to use

Automated doesn't mean automatic. Review and edit AI-generated drafts to add your expertise and compassion so each patient feels heard and understood.

Evidence backed

Peer reviewed studies have shown that AI Inbox technology reduces clinicians' cognitive load and burnout scores and improves clinician well-being.

Ease Of Use

Seamless integration with your daily work

Our platform integrates with your existing EHR and messaging systems, so you can manage all communications from one central location. Customize your AI draft preferences to fit the unique demands of your practice.

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Details Matter

Context-aware responses for personalized care

Our AI understands the context of your conversations by integrating past messages and relevant chart data. This ensures every auto-generated draft response is informed and relevant for your needs. Say goodbye to the burden of scrolling through threads; your AI has the backstory and brings it into every reply.

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Eliminate Redundancy

Easily hyperlink chart information in messages

Hyperlink chart information within your messages to eliminate redundant entry of already-documented information. No more back-and-forth questions and minimize errors with precise, direct references that are easy to utilize.

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