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You don’t need a new EHR to solve your charting problems

The Contrast AI Platform offers an entirely new charting experience to healthcare providers by layering on top of your existing EHR. Contrast makes charting faster, easier, and more complete so clinicians can focus on patient care.

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Next Generation Charting

Reduce burnout and charting frustration

Embrace the future of charting in healthcare with Contrast, where the clinician documentation experience is powered by AI, intuitive interfaces, and predictive data entry. We integrate directly with your EHR to provide maximum value to your organization.

Rated #1 by clinicians

Backed by third party health system and physician testing, user satisfaction surveys, and performance metrics, Contrast is proven to enhance the charting experience for healthcare providers. Our platform offers industry leading AI technology, safety, reliability, and clinician-centered design.

A new foundation

The Contrast AI Platform is the foundation for our suite of AI tools that enable unparalleled charting efficiency and accuracy. Reduce charting time by two hours per day, focus on patient care, automatically optimize billing, and more - all of which we've targeted based on real feedback from clinical users.

Seamless EHR Integration

Exchange data with your EHR in real time

We sync your EHR data into the Contrast AI Platform, ensuring immediate access to required information in an interface optimized for clinical users. You never need to switch between multiple apps or cluttered windows again.

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Comprehensive Charting Value

Complete all of your charting tasks in Contrast

Contrast unifies all your charting activities in one place, offering a standalone solution to your charting frustrations. Our deep EHR compatibility maximizes your value with minimal IT disruption.

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Effortless Admin Work

Automatic coding and billing optimization

Our AI analyzes documentation in real time for appropriate coding, ensuring that your claims are optimized for both accuracy and compliance to reduce errors and denials.

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Data Write Back

Seamlessly send your work back to your EHR

When you are done charting in Contrast, our system synchronizes your work back into the EHR. Bidirectional Contrast-to-EHR integration ensures patient data is captured in the medical record and fed into your existing background IT admin processes.

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Trust and Safety

HIPAA compliant and enterprise-grade security

We utilize industry standard security practices fit for an enterprise organization. In addition to HIPAA compliance, Contrast is SOC 2 Type 2 certified by third party audit.

HIPAA compliant and SOC 2 Type 2 certified.
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