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Enhance productivity with task automation

Incorporate AI Workflows into your charting routine to automate routine tasks, minimize mouse clicks, and transform your practice into a model of efficiency.

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Work Smarter, Not Harder

Reduce mouse clicks and eliminate redundant tasks

Contrast AI Workflows are engineered to cut down on repetitive actions, freeing you from endless mouse clicks. Intelligent shortcuts and macros learn from your usage patterns and automatically improve over time.

Constantly improving

In the background, Contrast AI Workflows evolve with each user interaction to better understand your charting needs. This means that Contrast provides increasing value to your charting work without any extra effort from you.

Trustworthy AI

Developed with input from medical experts, our technology is rigorously tested for safety, accuracy, and dependability. We establish trust and transparency with our users so a clinician's focus can remain on high quality patient care without hesitation.

Ease Of Use

Clinician guided automation

Routine and burdensome tasks are the perfect use case for automation. For example, simply type or verbalize “order complete blood count” or “increase the patient's dose of Metformin to 1000mg”, and our system will complete the task at your command.

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Cutting Edge Technology

Medical language understanding

Our AI “understands” complex medical language, as well as the contextual information around it. This enables you to automate desired actions with unstructured information or speech, saving you time and energy.

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Safety First

Automation is always in your control

Contrast ensures that automations are based only on the information that you provide. This balance of automation and human oversight safeguards against errors and maintains the integrity of your clinical decisions.

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