The Veterans Affairs Health System selects Contrast as a finalist to reduce provider burnout. Read the VA Press Release.

#1 Rated AI Charting Solution For EHRs

Integrate assistive AI into your EHR for a more enjoyable, efficient, and patient-centered practice.

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#1 Rated

AI charting solution

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AI Scribe Lite

For Individual Providers

Go live with our AI Scribe in less than 5 minutes. No organization commitment needed.
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AI Platform
With EHR Integration

For Organizations

Improve quality of care with AI tools that integrate with your EHR and IT systems.
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Clinicians, you can sign up and improve your experience now

AI Scribe Lite
Go live in 5 minutes

For Individual Providers

No commitment needed from your organization. Reduce charting burdens and enhance your patient care.
10 free visits
Auto-generate notes, copy-paste to your EHR
Unlimited customizable note templates
Transcript to note evidence linking
Mobile app compatibility
HIPAA compliant, SOC2 Type 2 certified
AI Platform
With EHR Integration
Go live in four to eight weeks

For Organizations

Achieve a new standard of care and operational efficiency with the Contrast AI Platform. Our suite of AI tools integrate with your existing EHR and IT systems to provide maximum value.
Bidirectional EHR integration
Automated coding and billing
Full charting platform
Admin analytics dashboard
AI and task automation suite
Live customer support
Customizable experience
Enterprise-grade security
Mobile app compatibility
+ many more...

Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about the basics of Contrast.
What makes the Contrast AI Platform unique?
The Contrast AI Platform combines advanced AI technology with the best, most user friendly charting interface in the industry. By automating documentation, mouse clicks, and admin tasks, we allow healthcare providers to devote more time to patient care.
How does the platform integrate with existing EHR systems?
The Contrast AI Platform is built to complement and enhance your existing EHR system, ensuring maximum value without needing to replace your EHR. We have integrated with the major EHR vendors and are capable of meeting your unique integration needs.
What's the typical implementation timeline?
Contrast AI Scribe Lite is available for immediate use without requiring EHR integration. You can sign up and get started in less than 5 minutes.

Contrast AI Platform implementations vary by scope, but typically span 6-8 weeks. Our implementation teams include an EHR integration specialist, a clinically trained specialist, and a project manager. We work with you to make your experience as efficient and low-effort as possible.
What support do you provide after implementation?
We provide comprehensive onboarding support and ongoing assistance throughout your time as a customer. Our team is available to ensure you maximize the benefits of Contrast.
Can Contrast scale with my organization's growth?
Yes. From individual practices to large health systems, Contrast is ready to scale effortlessly alongside your organization. Our services provide value for every clinical member of your growing care teams.
Can I try the Contrast AI Platform for free?
We offer a pilot trial to help you experience the full benefits of Contrast. This trial includes full access to our AI Platform and suite of AI features, along with dedicated support to get your system up and running smoothly.
What benefits can administrators expect?
Healthcare administrators will see an improvement in clinical staff satisfaction, reduced administrative burdens, and the ability to increase quantity and quality of care.
How do you ensure data privacy and security?
Contrast adheres to industry standard enterprise security protocols. We are HIPAA compliant and SOC2 Type 2 certified.
Is it safe to use AI technology in healthcare?
Yes. We take responsible AI seriously, and we ensure our technology upholds the highest ethical and safety standards so that it is appropriate for use in healthcare. Our AI is rigorously developed and tested to enhance clinical care without bias, always prioritizing patient safety and provider autonomy.
Can providers within an organization use Contrast independently?
Yes. Contrast AI Scribe Lite is designed to be accessible to anyone as a standalone product without EHR integration. It take less than 5 minutes to sign up and get started in your first patient visit. Learn how to sign up and use AI Scribe Lite by visiting the dedicated product page.
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